More old pictures of Aiden and Seth, and my daughter Haley

Seth and me just goofing around.
He always was a smart kid, and has a great heart as well.
We’ll have fun together again one day.

Going with the kids on their first day of school.
They were so proud of me, just like I was proud of them.
I’m still proud of them.

So difficult to say goodbye.
I still feel like this.
All the time.

It’s been way too many Christmases since we’ve been together as a family.
All three of them are STILL my family, and they always will be.

Aiden so proud to be just like his daddy! I understand he’s still just like me, even though he probably doesn’t want to be.
But I will always be a part of him, and he will always be a part of me.
And I will always love him.

Just goofing around with Aiden, like we always used to.
I miss these times.

A proud father with his three proud children. This was them being reunited with me after a deployment.
We’ll all be reunited again one day.

These three were my reason and my strength for completing Basic Combat Training! I can’t think of a better reason, or a more powerful motivator.

Aiden Singleton
This is one proud poppa. Still proud of this guy, even though we’re both a bit older now.
He may be a proud poppa himself one day.
I hope I get to see that day.

Family means NO ONE gets left behind. Even if it takes years.


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