Reunited with Haley Singleton!

First CASA Report

Final CASA Report


I have finally been reunited with my daughter Haley!  I had been waiting for this day for nearly four years.  I was so nervous to see her, because it had been so long, and I knew that she had been told terrible things about me the entire time.  I was worried that she would blame me for the separation, and all the things she had to go through during it.  Turns out I needn’t have worried!  As soon as she saw me, she ran up and threw her arms around me, sobbing.  I admit I cried a little too.  It is so good to have my little girl back!  Even if she’s not so little anymore.

Walter and Haley Singleton

Haley Singleton and Walter Singleton reunited!

2 thoughts on “Reunited with Haley Singleton!

  1. Secret Keeper

    I bet your boys know deep down you are a safe person and will have the same response when you are finally able to reunite. Do not give up. Your daughter is so beautiful. She looks a lot like you! Take good care of her. She has had a lot of suffering.

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    1. Walter Singleton Post author

      Thank you. My daughter is an extremely strong soul, and is recovering well. She sees a therapist monthly (even though she doesn’t want to), and is given the opportunity to express any emotions she feels without having to worry about repercussions. She is happy to be home, and she gets along wonderfully with my girlfriend Julie. She is my symbol of hope, and my rock when I begin to doubt.

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