09/12/2016 – All About Haley

Hi Aiden and Seth, I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you.  Last week was particularly difficult, but I’m doing better this week, I guess.  Still miss you guys a lot.  Thought maybe I could tell you some of the things that are going on with your sister, Haley.

First of all, you should know that the things you’ve been told about Haley are not true.  She has no mental or emotional problems, and did not “take over my role as the abuser”.  That’s just nonsense.  Haley lived at Cherokee Estate for a year, and got along just fine with all the other girls, and even earned herself several privileges there.  She came home to live with me  permanently on August 8th (so over a month ago), and has been doing very well.  She is not on any medication, because she never needed to be.  She is attending church and school, and making friends in both places.  She has her own room.  There is no yelling, or angry slamming of doors, or any need to “restrain” anyone.  On the contrary, having her home has been a blessing, both for her and for me.

Now that you know what’s NOT going on, let me tell you what IS happening.  I know that Jenn took you both out to fun places several times and left Haley home, punishing her due to some infraction, whether real or imagined.  Well, she now has an annual pass at Disney, and we’ve been at least three times.  She’s also been to SeaWorld several times.  She decided to cut her hair short, and she looks fantastic with it that way.  She has joined the Air Force JROTC at school and was already made the first commander of her Freshman class.  So far she’s loving it.  She’s also participating in band.  I got her a trumpet a few weeks ago, she’s been practicing, and getting pretty good.  Last weekend we went to a concert at the House of Blues in Disney Springs, because I know the band.  She’s been going back to the church you were all going to before you left Florida, and is planning a sleepover with one of her friends soon.

I don’t tell you this to make you envious, but to tell you that your sister is a good person. She always has been. She misses both of you guys a lot, and I know she wishes you could be with us when we do these things. We almost always talk about you two when we’re out doing things, and even when we’re just at home hanging out. Your sister loves you, and so do I.


Dad and Haley ready to climb!


Haley kayaking

haley-lobstersSpecial treat!  Lobsters for dinner tonight!

3 thoughts on “09/12/2016 – All About Haley

  1. melissa

    reading your posts has been so moving to me. i hope you get your kids back real soon. in the meantime, thank you for this lovely post about your daughter–it’s so important to have a parent who sees you as your own individual, who honors and values your personhood, and who loves you just as you are. from what you write, it seems you are this kind of parent to haley and that is a tremendous accomplishment.

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  2. Walter Singleton Post author

    Thank you Melissa. I try to be the best parent I can be. It really helps to know there are others following my story. Your comments help me to feel like I’m not quite so alone in this fight.

    Right now there is a motion for a hearing to get my restraining order removed, but it’s been stalled in court since October because she didn’t answer her lawyer’s calls for three months, and now they’re asking for the hearing to be in May, three months from now. The family court system is so frustrating when you’re dealing with someone who’s only goal is to make things difficult for you, no matter how much it hurts others.


    1. melissa

      you’re so welcome. so sorry to hear about how long the hearing has been dragged. my family is also currently dealing with the slow process of the courts–my younger brother has severe mental health issues and has been incarcerated for a very long time, making it challenging for us to help him get treatment and live a healthy life–so i truly understand. stay strong! it’s a long road, but it’s great to see others who will never stop fighting for their loved ones.

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