Jennifer Singleton arson report

On April 6th, 2014, sometime in the wee hours of the morning, my ex-wife (I say “ex” even though we’re unfortunately STILL not legally divorced), came up with a plan to get me out of her life for good.  You see, Jenn doesn’t like to have anyone in her life that she can’t manipulate and control, so once she lost control of me, she wanted me gone.  She tried a restraining order, and after she got it, she came home and proclaimed to my children, “Good news!  We don’t have to deal with him any more!”. But I still fought to see my children. She tried false accusations of child abuse, and that was almost enough to make me run and hide.  But because I love my children, I still stuck around.

But she had it all figured out this time.  She would frame me for arson, and get me thrown in prison, where she wouldn’t have to deal with me for many years.  So sometime around 3am, when the children were sleeping, she splashed some gasoline outside her bedroom window, and inside her bedroom, with a trail leading to the living room.  Then she set it on fire.  And then she started her act. She ran in to wake up the kids all in a panic, and got them and the animals out of the house.  She called 911.  She called a neighbor for help.

During the arson investigation, Jennifer told them stories of her abusive and threatening husband, hinting that I must have started the fire.  She tried calling Child Protective Services, and telling them that I was being investigated for arson. When we went to a court hearing, she told the judge that I was the main suspect in the investigation.  She told our children that their daddy tried to burn their house down.  She did everything she could to maximize whatever damage she could do to me.

Luckily for me, even though Jennifer thinks that she’s smarter than everyone else, she’s not.  She had done a lousy job setting up the crime scene, and hadn’t bothered to check if I was in town that night.  I wasn’t.  I was over 150 miles away on military training with the National Guard.  The arson investigator caught on pretty quick, and I was eliminated as a suspect.  When Jennifer found out, she stopped cooperating with the investigator.  Eventually they found probable cause that she herself has set the fire.  Unfortunately, the case wasn’t compelling enough for Orange County to prosecute, so they dropped it. She got away with it.

Jennifer failed at framing me for burning the house down.  But my children are still traumatized.  My daughter still has nightmares, and is afraid of heat sources.  My two boys undoubtedly still think I set that fire.  I’m sure there are many people who have never seen the report who still think I burned her house down.  I may not be in prison, but much damage was done nonetheless.

But the report is out there.  The truth can’t stay hidden forever.  Someone posted three links to the final report below.  But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself:


Arson Investigation Report on WordPress

Arson Investigation report on

Arson Investigation report on

Arson Investigation report on Google Drive

Some of Jenn’s other greatest hits, including the child abuse investigation, can also be found here:

Jennifer Singleton, Fort Oglethorpe, Cheryl Gil, Chattanooga, Orlando, Florida

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