Video of the Singletons

This is a video that was put together after my return from my military deployment in 2011. Since this video was made, I was separated from my daughter Haley for nearly four years, and I remain separated from my sons, Aiden and Seth, to this day. I have been accused of all manner of domestic violence, stalking, and abuse.  Jennifer told friends, police, lawyers, and judges that my children are terrified of me, and that they are glad that I am now out of their lives. This lie has been repeated over and over to anyone who will listen – even to the children themselves.

Please, watch the video.  You tell me if that lines up with what you see.  Tell me if the children you see here would be happy if their daddy was removed from their lives:

Seth and Aiden, are you really happy that you “don’t have to deal with” dad anymore?

Orlando, Fort Oglethorpe, Chattanooga, Georgia, Seth Romeo Singleton, Aiden James Singleton, Walter Singleton

2 thoughts on “Video of the Singletons

  1. mtiseblog

    I completely understand your pain. I share same types of videos and for the life of me I still cant understand why my ex could be so mean to my daughter. 13 yrs without my daughter and a I pain every morning.
    Keep up the faith.

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